Plná verze

The qualities of the peat extracted from the nearby peat bogs in the marshlands of Třeboň prove to be very effective in treating the disorders of the musculoskeletal system. The matter forming this particular type of peat is predominantly of organic origin and includes plants like sedge, reed mace, iron and sulphur are its inorganic elements. The primary effect of any peat bath consists in warming up of the organism, skin hydration and reinforcement of immunity. In patients suffering from locomotor difficulties, the bath reduces muscular tension, alleviates pain, induces better blood circulation in tissues and speeds up regeneration.

The tradition of bath treatments dates back to 1883 when Berta’s Spa, the first bath house, was built. The citizens of Třeboň employed the experience of their ancestors who, by that time, had been taking advantage of the healing qualities of peat for centuries.